Questions about photos

How many photos should I send of the subject?

I recommend sending at least three  of your favorite photos to start.   It absolutely can be more.

A larger selection of photos will will help me find an acceptable compositions and have enough detail to represent the subject.  I will let you know if more photos are needed.

Can I use a photo taken with a cell phone?

Yes, but I may need additional photos of the subject for the details. The more pixels a picture has the better.

How do I send the photos to you?

The easiest way would be to send Photos as an attachment through e-mail.  

Will you let me know which photo you will be using for the composition?

Yes,  from the photos sent, I will create the composition.  I usually give you a choice of two and will let you know why I think they would be good.  

What makes a good photo?

A photo with light coming from one direction is always good. If the artwork is a pet portrait, make sure the expression on the face represents them the best.  

Can you remove items in the photo for the artwork?

Yes,  for example there may be a telephone pole in front of a house and you want it removed from the composition. 

Can you add items to the composition, that is not in the photo?

Yes and No.  I would need to know what you want added.  

Questions about Timeline

How long does it take?

Graphite pencil drawing: Once the drawing is started it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks 

Mixed media painting(pen and ink with watercolor wash): Once the painting is started it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks

Oil painting: Once the painting is started it usually takes at least 2 months and as long as 8 months.  Size depended

These are just estimated time frames.  

When will you start on my commissioned artwork?

I would let you know what my schedule is looking like and when I could start.  A deposit of 50% holds that spot for you and is payable to me before the piece is started. 

Questions about Shipping

How will I get the finished artwork?

If you live locally: (North of Boston, MA)

For an oil painting, we can arrange to meet for delivery in person. 

For a mixed media painting or a drawing, there will be also an option of delivery by mail 

If you don’t live locally:

For an oil painting, we may arrange to meet for delivery in person or I may have it sent by UPS.  This will be discussed at the beginning. I have arranged delivery of 2 large oil paintings in person as far as Pennsylvania 

If sent by mail, will I able to track it?

Yes, once the package is shipped I will send you the tracking number.